dotLife is a lifestyle brand that strives to showcase how people choose to live their lives to the fullest, in their own unique way. Life is an adventure and only you can decide how to live it. No matter what path you choose to take, we want to inspire you to live life to its ultimate potential.

How do you live your dotLife?

dotLife Approach

Our approach is simple: keep connecting people. We aim to do this through all lines of our business. Whether it be a through an app on your phone, a website that provides you with ideas for going out, or a conversation with someone wearing dotLife Apparel…..we aspire to create real life connections that make a lasting impression. 

Look out for updates!

dotLife Apparel

dotLife Apparel is our very first project to increase physical and real-life awareness of our future ventures. The goal is to create apparel that is not only dynamic and beautiful, but also to express a positive physical connection with dotLife’s mission.

dotLife Technology

Contrary to how dotLife Apparel connects in a physical, real-life sense; dotLife Technology connects virtually. We are creating the engine behind applications that will enhance our user’s lives and experiences. The goal of our technology is to provide a service which helps our users best utilize their leisure time.






Business Development